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Static Fields

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Label is used to display static text information, such as field captions.


The buttons are used to automate various operations with the database (e.g., a button that creates a new record or increases the field value by one). To define the script to be executed by the button, use Script Designer. To check the operability of the button, close Form Designer and click it.

Individual Properties

  • Icon - icon displayed on the button;
  • On Button Click - script that will be executed on pressing the button;
  • Hide Caption - if this check box is selected, only icon without a label will be displayed on the button:

Text Button

This field looks as a simple text field, though it works as a button. That is, you can enter any text in the field, then you press "Enter", and the script defined for this field will be executed. For example, this can be searching records by the entered text, adding the entered text to the hidden field and so on.

Individual Properties

  • On text enter - script that should be executed when the "Enter" key is pressed.
  • Type - in what way the specified value should be passed to the script:
    • Send value to a first dialog - outdated variant, is used for compatibility with previous versions. The entered value will be passed to the first displayed dialog for entering data. View example...
    • Set the [$input] variable - entered value will be copied to the [$input] variable that can be used in the script.


This item allows adding simple geometric figures to the form for grouping other items.

Individual Properties

  • Shape - element form (round, oval, square, rectangle, rounded rectangle)
  • Border width.

Static Image

This item is used for displaying an image on the form.

Individual Properties

  • Picture - displayed image.

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