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Relational Lookup Field

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Relational Lookup Field

 This field is used only together with the Simple Relational Field or Many-to-Many Field, and is used to display the source record(s) fields. For example, if you have a simple relational field, in which a client is selected, we can use the Relational Lookup Fields to display the client's age and address fields:

The field has the following parameters:

  • Source Relational Field - Relational Field (one or many) used as a source for this field, Field (in the case mentioned above it is the field created above, containing the link to the client);
  • Field To Show - the source record field which will be displayed in the Relational Lookup Field. This parameter is completely similar to the Field To Show parameter for the Relational Field, presented above. If a many-to-many field is selected as the source, the values will be separated by comma (",").

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