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Image Field

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Image Field

This field is intended for storing and displaying images. An image added to this field is stored directly in the database file. The field looks in the following way:

You can add an image to the field in one of the following ways:

  • From a simple image file (jpeg, bmp, gif, etc)
  • Directly from the scanner or a web-cam
  • From the Clipboard
  • Using scripts, the "Image/File field operation" action

Individual Properties of the Image Field

  • Image Layout - defines the way in which the image should be displayed:
    • Stretched - image is stretched by the field size (as displayed in the picture above)
    • Normal - image is displayed without scaling, as is. For example, if the image is larger than the field, the image will be cropped.
  • Image Import Properties - when this button is clicked, the window will be opened, where the user can specify actions to be performed for the image at its adding to the database.

    For every action, there are three variants possible: Ask - the user is offered to perform the given action when the image is added to the field; Always - the action is always performed and Never - the action is never performed.
    • Convert to low-size JPG Format. For the time being, the JPEG format is optimal for storing photos and takes little space.
    • Scale Large Images. For this action, it is necessary to additionally specify the maximum possible size of the image in pixels. If the size of the image added to the database is larger than selected, the size will be decreased to the specified one. For example, if the set maximum size is 600 pixels and the imported photo is 2816x2112 (6Mpx), it will be reduced