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About Link to Folder Field

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About Link to Folder Field

The Link To Folder field allows the user to keep a link to any folder in the database.

For example, in the following picture, a field with a link to "Project A Files" folder is displayed.

At clicking this field, you will pass to the folder (if it is specified) or open a dialog window for browsing to a folder. To change or delete a link to a folder, right-click the field.

You can use a link to the record in scripts, having created a variable using the "Set Var By Folder Field" method.

Link to Folder Field Individual Properties

  • Top Level Folder - the folder from which it should be possible to select other folders for the field. By default, the root folder is selected, that is, the user can select all folders:

    If, for example, "Photos" folder is set as the Top Le