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Brilliant Database has its own system for creating backup copies, as well as a possibility to create backups using scripts.

To open the Database Properties window, select File > Database Maintenance from the menu and click the second tab:

Backup Options

Hot Backup

This type of data protection works in the following way:

  • When the database is opened, its copy is created in the same folder where the database is located;
  • The name of the copy file consists of the original name of the database and the number of the copy (for example, "1~MyDB.bbd");
  • When the user finishes working with the database and closes it, this copy is deleted;
  • If in the process of work the program is closed not correctly (in case of a critical error, blackout and so on), the copy remains. Therefore, if data was corrupted in case of malfunction, you can restore the previous state of your database from this copy.

Default Backup

Usually backup is performed every N minutes. Created backup copies are not deleted. By default, backup copies are stored in the same folder where the database is located; but you can select to store them to another folder by selecting the Special folder for backup check box.

The name of a copy consists of the database name and a timestamp. For example, name MyDB2009-02-18_16-44.bbd means that the copy was created on February 18, 2009 at 16:44.

The minimum time interval between creation of 2 backup copies is 2 minutes.

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