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Creating Calendars

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Creating Calendars

To add a calendar to the database:

  1. Select Add > Special > Calendar... from the menu.
  2. Specify the source of records for the calendar. These can be records from a specific folder, as well as records from a query. Record data will be displayed on the calendar as events. The records form should have at least one field of the 'date' type to be able to display them on the calendar.
  3. After that the Configuration calendar window will be opened:
  4. In this window on the 'Calendar Data' tab, it is necessary to specify what fields contain date and time of the event start/end.
    • It is necessary to specify only one field with the start date of the event.
    • If the field with the end date of the event is not specified or coincides with the start date, the event will be regarded as a one-day event.
    • If the start/end time of the event is not specified, it is regarded that the event takes the whole day (or several days).
  5. Set up other calendar parameters - color of events, behaviour and so on.
  6. Click the Apply or Ok button to confirm changes.
  7. If you have specified everything correctly, the calendar of the following type will appear on the screen:

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