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Action Editor

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Action Editor Interface


Action Editor allows the user to configure an action performed in a script.

An action means any operation, for example, Change Field Value, Open a Database, Import Records, Exit the Application, Print Records, etc.


The Action Editor Window:

In this editor, you can set actions parameters using fields at the center of the window. For example, the picture above shows the Show Message action and its parameters.

Required parameters are highlighted with bold (Message Text).

Click the (...) button to change the parameter in a comfortable window (e.g. text editor for text parameters).

To select default value click the "D" button.

If the action returns its result (for example, the Show Message action returns the title of pressed button (ok, cancel, yes, no), a text box appears below. Use this textbox to specify the name of the variable where the action result should be saved:

If you point at the text box, a tooltip describing the returned value will appear. You can find more details about the usage of variables in the Script designer and Variables sections.

To save changes and close the editor window, click OK.

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