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Win SendMessage

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Win SendMessage

Parameters: Target hWnd, Message, wParam, lParam

Sends the specified message (WM_USER or WM_COPYDAT) to a window specified by the hWnd handle.


  • Target hWnd - identifier of the window (HWDN) to which a message should be sent;
  • Message - sent message. There are only two variants possible - WM_USER and WM_COPYDATA;
  • wParam - value written to wParam when the WM_USER message is passed (number).
  • lParam/lpData
    • For the WM_USER message - value written to lParam;
    • For the WM_COPYDATA message - string written to lpData of the COPYDATASTRUCT structure.

For more information about using this action review the Send Message, WinAPI topic in the "Creating Addons and Advanced Integration" section.

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