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Change Relational Field Value

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Change Relational Field Value

Parameters: Field, Recordset, Operation

Used to add/delete records in the many-to-many relational field or simple relational field. You should specify a necessary field in the Field parameter. The recordset to be added or deleted is specified as a variable of the RecordSet type in the Recordset parameter. The Operation parameter specifies whether records should be removed from the field or added to it. Before you use this action, you should create a variable containing the recordset you want to add or delete from the field. To create the variable, you should use a script (to learn more, see the Variables section).

An example of the script copying records from one relational field into another:

If a value of a field is changed with the help of this command, the "On Edit" script will not be called for the changed field. This script is called only if a field is edited manually.

You can call this script using the Execute field's script action.

RETURN VALUE: Returns 1 if the field was changed; otherwise 0 is returned.

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