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Delete Records

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Delete Records

Parameters: Method, RecordsToDelete

This action is used to delete records.

The Method parameter can take two values:

  • Move to Recycle Bin - records selected in the current folder will be moved to the Recycle Bin. If selected records are already in the Recycle Bin, the user will be offered to permanently delete them from the database. That is, this method duplicates the "Records->Delete..." command. The RecordsToDelete parameter is ignored.
  • Completely delete records (irreversible) - permanently deletes records selected with the RecordsToDelete parameter without notification and intermediate placing of records to the Recycle Bin. After this action is performed, the deleted records cannot be restored. Such deletion cannot be accomplished if the user works with the database remotely (by the network).

Note. To perform this command, all records to be deleted should be stored in the same folder.

RETURN VALUE: Returns 1 if records have been deleted; otherwise 0 is returned.

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