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Add Record

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Add Record

Parameters: RecordType, ParentFolder, Relation, CreationMethod

Used to create a new record of the specified RecordType in the specified ParentFolder.

If the RecordType parameter is not specified, the new record will be of the same type as the selected one. If no record is selected, a record of the main type will be created (a top row in the Add menu).

If the ParentFolder parameter is not specified, the record will be created in the current folder or in the default folder specified for this record type (in Form Editor).

If the Relation parameter has the Yes value, the added record will be linked to the selected record by many-to-many relation; otherwise the relation will not be created.

CreationMethod parameter may possess the following three values:

  • Create and select - a new empty record is created and selected for editing in the main software window;
  • Just Create New Record - a new empty record is created, but not highlighted, i.e., the record marked as current before creating the new record, remains the same.
  • Create using popup form - a pop-up form for a record entry is displayed to the user. If the user clicks OK, a record will be created with all entered data. If the user clicks Cancel, the record will not be created.

RETURN VALUE: Returns a recordset with the created record if record was created successfully; otherwise 0 is returned.

For example, you can use this recordset to set fields of a new record created using the "Just Create New Record" method:


[$rec_id] = Add Record (Payment, Payments, No, Just create new record)


For Each Record From [$rec_id]


Payment: [Payment type] = "Credit Card"


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