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Play Music/Video File

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Play Music/Video File

Parameters: Path, Command, Additional

This command allows reproducing any media file (music, video) located by the specified Path in case corresponding drivers and codecs are installed in the system. This command is most commonly used to reproduce files of the next formats: mp3, wav, avi, mpg, mid.

Possible values of the Command parameter:

  • Play - start a file playback. If the selected file is a video file, it will be reproduced in a new window. At that you can additionally specify the range of playback in the Additional parameter. For example:
    Play Music/Video File ("C:\yesturday.mp3", "Play")
    Play Music/Video File ("C:\01.avi", "Play")
    Play Music/Video File ("C:\01.avi", "Play", "FROM 100 TO 200")
    Play Music/Video File ("C:\01.avi", "Play", "FROM 0 TO 100")
  • Stop - stops the playback. For example:
    Play Music/Video File ("C:\yesturday.mp3", "Stop")
    Play Music/Video File ("C:\01.avi", "Stop")
  • mciExecute - sends commands specified in the Additional parameter directly to the standard mcuExecute MS Windows interface. The Path parameter is ignored in this case. For example, the following succession od commands will execute playback of a video file in a non-standard window with slow speed:
    Play Music/Video File ("","mciExecute","OPEN "d:\02.avi" TYPE AVIVIDEO ALIAS myvideo STYLE POPUP")
    Play Music/Video File ("","mciExecute","PUT myvideo WINDOW AT 100 100 600 400")
    Play Music/Video File ("","mciExecute","SET myvideo SPEED 500")
    Play Music/Video File ("","mciExecute","PLAY myvideo WAIT")
    Play Music/Video File ("","mciExecute","CLOSE myvideo")

    To learn more about the mciExecute interface, click here.

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