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Execute field's script

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Execute field's script

Parameters: Field, Script

For every field it is possible to define scripts that will be executed when a specific action is performed with the field. For example, you can create a script that will be called when the field value is changed ("On Edit") or when the field is double-clicked ("On double Click").

These scripts are called only if the action is performed by the user. That is, if the field value is changed from the script (for example, with the help of the "Set Field Value" command), then the "On Edit" script will not be called.

This command is used to call the script "stored" in the field. The Field parameter determines the field for which the script should be called; the ScriptType parameter determines what script should be called (by default, "On Edit").

This action can also be used to avoid scripts duplication. For example, we have the [Cost], [Discount] and [Quantity] fields. And we want to re-calculate the total when the value in any of these fields is changed. Not to write the script for re-calculation for every field, we will write it to "On Edit" of the [Cost] field, and for the [Discount] and [Quantity] fields in the "On Edit" script will define the following action:

Execute field's script ([Cost],"On Edit"])

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