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Show Notification

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Show Notification

Parameters: Notification Text, Button Text, Pass to the notification script (Pars)

Add a notication to the notification area (right-bottom part of the main window):

Notifications can be used to inform a user about upcoming meeting, warnings and other events which dont require immediate action. In contrast to message boxes, notifications dont block the software.


  • Notification Text - a text that will be shown on notification. The notification area only shows about 300 symbols;
  • Button text. If this parameter is not empty a button will be added on the notification with this text (on the picture above it is "Show Information."). A click on this button will execute special "On notification button click" script (see below).
  • Pars - this data will be passed to the "On notification button click" script. For example, you can pass a record id to show this record on button click.

On Notification Button Click Script

To edit a script that will be executed when a user clicks the button, open Script Designer ("Design DB

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