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Send Network Message

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Send Network Message


Sends a text message Message to specified users of a database.


  • Message text;
  • Type - type of the message:
    • Simple - a usual message not requiring any actions from a client.
    • Block Client Work - after this message is received, the work of a user will be blocked until he or she receives a message of the Unblock Client Work type. It is recommended to send such messages before server are going to execute a complex query or any other operation requiring a lot of time.
    • Unblock Client Work - unblocks users' work.
  • Users - name of users separated by comma to send the message to. E.g. "Tom, Bill, Mary". In case this parameter is empty, the message will be sent to all users.

By default, the incoming message will be displayed in the notification area. However, you can create your own message handler and execute a custom script on message income. You can edit this script in the Script Designer ("Design DB

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