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Set field value (math)

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Set field value (math)

Parameters: Field, Formula

This action sets the value of Field according to the specified mathematic Formula.

In the script this action is displayed as: [Field] = Formula.

Examples of use:

  • [Quantity] = [Quantity]+1. (increment the field value by one)
  • [Total] = [Cost]*[Quantity]. (write into the field the product value of two other fields)
  • [SinA] = Sin([$a]. (write into the field the value of the sine for the variable named "a")
  • [Total] = mmrMathOp(|Items|,|Quantity|,|Sum|). (write into the field the sum by the "Quantity" field for records from the relational "Items" field)

If a value of a field is changed with the help of this command, the "On Edit" script will not be called for the changed field. This script is called only if a field is edited manually.

You can call this script using the Execute field's script action.

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