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External DB Operation

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External DB Operation

Parameters: Operation, ColRowIndex, RecordType, ValueToSet

Performs the specified Operation with the database of the Access or Excel format. Before the operation is performed, it is necessary to connect to the database using the "Connect to External DB" command.

Possible operations:

  • Operations of passing to specific records in the database. With the help of these operations, you can select the current record (line) for which the Get/Set value operations can be performed afterwards.
    • Move to first record - pass to the first record (line).
    • Move to next record - pass to the next record (line).
    • Move # rows - step over N records; N is specified in the ColRowIndex parameter.
  • Add Record - add a new record at the end of the table and make it current.
  • Set Value - set the value of column (field) number ColRowIndex equal to the parameter ValueToSet. Note: ValueToSet is a text formula. To use values of fields from the current record in "Brilliant Database" in it, it is necessary to define the type of record in the RecordType parameter.
  • Get Value - reads the value of column (field) number ColRowIndex to the specified variable.

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RETURN VALUE: Returns the cell value in case of the Get Value operation.

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