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Connect to External DB

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Connect to External DB

Parameters: PathToDB, TableName

Connects to an external database for data exchange.

The PathToDB parameter should contain a path to the database (for example, "C:\Doc1.xls" or "C:\MyDBs\db1.mdb") or a connection string. For example to connect to MySQL database installed on the local computer with MySQL ODBC driver you should use the follwoing connection string:

odbc;DRIVER=Unknown block: MYSQL ODBC 3;SERVER=;DATABASE=database_name_here;UID=user_name_here;PWD=password_here;OPTION=3;

In case this parameter is empty the Microsoft Windows Database Connection Wizard will be displayed.

In the TableName you can define the name of the table (spreadsheet) with which you want to work. If this parameter is skipped, the first table will be selected by default.

To work with the database after connecting, use the External DB Operation or External DB SQL Query actions.

View an example of work with an external database...

RETURN VALUE: Returns 1 if connection complete successfully

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