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Upgrade Policy

Brilliant Database Upgrade Policy

As soon as you purchase any of the Brilliant Database editions (further edition), you become a registered user and are entitled to receive free updates for new versions of the edition for the period of one year from the moment of purchase. The given period of one year from the moment of purchase is called a period of free updates.

After the period of free updates has expired, all updates should be paid for. The cost of an update is a subject to change and depends on the current cost of the latest version of the product and the amount of the upgrade discount. Usually the amount of a discount is from 20% to 50% of the full program cost.

Using free update for a new version does not prolong the period of free updates. For example, if you purchased version 4.5 in March, 2006 and updated it for free to version 5.0 in November, 2006, the period of free updates will anyway expire in March, 2007.

Purchasing one edition of Brilliant Database does not entitle you to get free updates for other editions. However, registered users may be allowed a discount on more expensive editions. For example, if you purchased Brilliant Database Pro 5.1 in October, 2007 and decided to update it to version Ultimate 7.0 in January, 2007, you will be allowed a discount. The amount of a discount is a subject to change.

Updating procedure

To update an edition to a newer version, a registered user should enter an e-mail, which he or she specified when purchasing a product, in a special form on the web site. All necessary information will be sent to this e-mail address (registration keys, discount coupons, links for downloading a program and so on).

The given form may be used to restore your registration key for a program.

In case you do not have assess to the e-mail from which you purchased a product anymore, send information on the order to our technical support - the information should be as detailed as possible (when was the order made, on which name, which e-mail, address, registration key were used), and we will send registration information to your new e-mail.

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