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Search results for `age`

Found in Tutorial Databases:

1. Stat image change

2. List and attach images

3. Replace the image field menu

4. Calculate Age
This example shows how to calculate person"s age, if you know his birthday.

Found in FAQ:

1. I have noticed the Language section in the program menu, but it does not have the language I need. Can I translate the interface on my own?
Yes, Brilliant Database allows the user to entirely translate the interface to any language. To translate the program to another language, do the following:

  1. Open the folder with program text (by default, "C:/Program Files/Brilliant Database XXX/Texts");
  2. Make copies of main_eng.txt and tips_eng.txt files;
  3. Name them in correspondence with your language (for example, if it is Italian, main_ita.txt and tips_ita.txt);
  4. Open the new file main_XXX.txt. Correct the first line to the full name of the language (for example, Italian);
  5. Translate the content of the file;
  6. A new language will appear in the Languages menu;
  7. Send the translation to us. In acknowledgement of this, we will present you with a free license for Brilliant Database, in case the translation is of acceptable quality.

2. Specific characters of my language (for example, umlauts) are displayed not correctly in the program. What can I do?
Start the program and in the Options->Charset menu select the encoding that you need.

3. Does the program support Unicode?
No, the program does not support Unicode. This means that you will not be able to work with hieroglyphs (Japanese, Chinese and so on) using it.

Found in Videos:

1. Show Message, check the pressed button
Shows how to check the pressed button on the "Show Message" dialogue, and make actions only in case the "Yes" button is pressed.

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