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Database software - FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the program support Unicode?
2. I want the users to be able to change data in the database using web-interface. Is it possible to do this using Brilliant Database?
3. How many people at most may work with the same database simultaneously?
4. Is it possible to work with Brilliant Database on Macintosh computers (Mac)?
5. Is it possible to work with Brilliant Database on a PDA pocket PC (Windows Mobile, Palm OS)?
6. Our computers are connected in a network by means of the WiFi wireless network. Is it possible to connect to a database using WiFi?
7. What is the maximum size possible for my database?
8. What is the maximum size of a file attachment stored in a Brilliant Database record?
9. On what engine does Brilliant Database work?
10. When I added a new record, the program started to fill it with values from previously created records. What can be done in this case?
11. I have lost a registration key. What can I do?
12. I want to work with a database from N computers simultaneously. Is it possible to do it? How many licenses should I purchase?
13. When the program is started, "Run-time error "62" Input past end of file" occurs. What does it mean?
14. I have noticed the Language section in the program menu, but it does not have the language I need. Can I translate the interface on my own?
15. How can I clear the list of files recently opened in the program?
16. Specific characters of my language (for example, umlauts) are displayed not correctly in the program. What can I do?
17. When Brilliant Database is installed, NOD32 antivirus detects your program as a possible virus by mistake. What can be done in this case?

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