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2014-01-14: v10.54 Beta - Minor Update

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New Features Added

1. Clone Many-to-many Relational Field Content

Many-to-many relational field content can be cloned within record clone. To enable it for the whole database:

  • Select "File->Database Maintenance->Misc";
  • Check the "Clone many-to-many" flag.
We have also added the "Clone many-to-many" option to the "Clone records" script action.

2. Access to The Record System Fields

You can now use the following system fields in Text Formula Editor for current record:

  • [$_created_dt] - date and time of the record creation;
  • [$_created_user] - login of a user who created the record;
  • [$_updated_dt] - date and time of the record update;
  • [$_updated_user] - login of a user who updated the record;
  • [$_owner] - login of the record owner;
  • [$_position] - the record position in folder;
  • [$_access] - access level to the record;
  • [$_file_n] - number of files attached to the record;
  • [$_link_n] - number of links in the record;
  • [$_find] - the latest "find in string quote" for the record;

Bugs Fixed

  • Brilliant Database Client crashes on Server database shutdown - fixed;
  • Text Formula Editor doesnt remember the selected form sometimes - fixed;
  • "Send Network Message" action - fixed;
  • Brilliant Database Ultimate, a compiled application with the server monitor tries to monitor the "BDB_WP_engine.exe" file bug - fixed;
  • Upgrade form - fixed;
  • Form Designer, reorder a form, resise a field - sometimes results in the database crash - fixed.

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