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2012-12-23: Brilliant Database v10 Server RC1 Released

Major Improvements

Unlimited Database Size

With our new engine it’s possible to create database of any size. The size of a database is limited only by your storage device.

Attachment Archiving (Zipping)

All files attachments are stored in compressed way making your database file size much slower (depends on the attachments type)

Improved Form Tabs

With version 10 you are able to customize each form tab independently:

  • Set different background colors
  • Set visibility rules for each tab
  • Write script to control each tab selection

Get Totals Fast

Now you can easily get sum, average or min/max value of several records only by two clicks – click on the any column header and select the new "Get Totals" menu items.

Export Database Structure

Select “File->Database Maintenance->Export Structure...” and get list of all forms, fields and folders in simple and handy HTML file, which you can send your colleagues or boss.

Database Access Log

Brilliant Database v10 tracks all logins to your database and you can easily check who and when has been accessed your database.

Created and Modify Date/User Fields

Four new system fields which automatically tracks the following data for each record:

  • Creation date and time;
  • Recent modification date and time;
  • A user who has created the record;
  • A user who has modified the record.

In-Folder Records Drag-and-Drop (Reorder)

With version 10 you can manually reorder records in your folder by simple drag-and-drop. E.g. set the order of your items or tasks in way you like. Of course you can handle this operation with a script (e.g. save positions of records into a field)

Check for Updates

The new “Check for updates” feature allows you to know about the new version and get it with one click.

Minor Improvements

  • Script Designer – you can comment any line of code;
  • Popup Records action allows you to setup a new window width and height size;
  • The new “Close Window” action allows you to close a popuped window with a script;
  • The new “Position” column allows you to show the record’s position in its folder;
  • PNG images format is fully supported now;
  • Now you can view number of records after filtering on the folder information bar;

Download Link

Download Brilliant Database Server v10 RC1

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