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Database software - Additional Info

Additional Info

Technical Information

  • Maximum field number on one form: 32000
  • Maximum sheet number on one form: 64
  • Maximum form number in one database: 256 (one form can contain several sheets)
  • Maximum database size: 2 Terabyte
  • Maximum record number: limited only by the database size
  • Maximum folder number: limited only by the database size
  • Maximum record number per folder: 100000
  • Maximum folder number per folder: 256
  • Maximum attachment size: 256Mb
  • Maximum attachments number per record: 256
  • Maximum query number: 1024
  • Maximum report style number: limited only by the database size
  • Maximum toolbar button/menu/hot-key number: limited only by the database size
  • Maximum picture number: limited only by the database size
  • Maximum attachments number: limited only by the database size
  • Optimal number of networked computers: 2 - 16

Additional Information

  • Users: Full-featured access management for users and groups
  • Mathematical Formulas: Use other 30 standard functions
  • Text Formatting: Use other 20 functions to format text
  • Automation: More than 40 actions to work with database, import/export, file system, etc
  • Scripting: Visual Script Editor - use actions, cycles, global and local variables, logical operators
  • Timers: Every week, every day, every X seconds and other
  • Text and Data Import From: Excel, Access, Outlook, Web, Doc, RTF, Txt, Csv, HTML, clipboard, any drag-and-srop data source
  • Images Import From: Any image file, Scanner, Web-Camera, Digital Camera, Clipboard
  • Export To: Printer, Send e-mails, Ms Word/Excel/Access Docs, Text/HTML/Csv files
  • Multimedia: Store and play Video, Music, Sound using Brilliant
  • Field Types: text, password, number, formula, image, date, time, e-mail, URL, simple relational field, many-to-many relational field, relational lookup field, list, multi-line text, image, flag, multi-select list, button, text-button, id, label, shape, picture.

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