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Here are some full-featured program products that have been created recently on the basis of Brilliant Database:

Hotel Management Software

InnPlanner 2008 is an application for managing a small hotel. It allows keeping tables of rooms booking, making out invoices, keeping a database of clients and additional services, and much more. The given project uses practically all options of Brilliant Database.

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Application for making out policies of insurance

The given product developed on Brilliant Database Ultimate is currently used by insurance agents to make out policies of insurance on specific forms. Beside making out policies, the program automatically calculates bonuses of insurance companies depending on a number of factors (age of the insured, discounts, long-lasting trips).

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MessLess Collector

A very easy-to-use program allowing the user to store all information on articles of collecting. However, such standard options of Brilliant Database as importing images directly from a scanner or a web camera, storing file attachments inside the database and tree-like structure make this product a very powerful tool.

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Search Engine Position Scanner

The given database on Brilliant Database is used to search for positions of web sites by a specific word or a phrase on the most popular search servers (for example, Google). The script automatically makes an everyday query to Google and stores a received result to the database. You can view history for each site in the database, add comments, send an e-mail to the web site owner and so on.

System of Automatic Builds and Projects Testing

This database for internal use provides fully automated assembling of new Brilliant Database program versions, testing, creating the system of help, keeping records on built versions, which saves much time for our developers. The program widely uses Brilliant Database options to start external programs, as well as a great number of functions for working with the file system (copying folders, searching and replacing in files and so on).

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