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Database Software Designers

Brilliant is the database software family that allows you to create a database without having any special knowledge or skills. The following visual means will be helpful:

The Visual Form Editor is a characteristic feature of Brilliant Database, which allows modifying your database quickly and easily. This tool allows you to add/customize/delete database fields. Here you can use lists, text, image or password storing fields, buttons and a lot more. You can modify such properties as color, font, location, style or type, according to your requirements.

Formula editor is a handy data processing tool. For example, you can set a formula, calculating how much more expensive is a specific item, comparing to all other items in the selection.

Using a powerful Report Style Editor, you can easily create your own report style, which allows you to print only the required information, structured as you want it to be.

Using easy Custom Export Editor with several wizards, you can export your data into HTML/Text/Ms Word or even send e-mails.

Easy-to-use Query Editor allows you to create any query. All you have to do is to formulate the clear criteria which the records should fall under. The rest will be performed by the program itself.

By using Script Designer you can create a small program that will be executed in response to certain actions (pressing a button, changing field value, etc).

The Toolbar Editor allows you to hasten and simplify the work with your database. By using this tool, you can create new buttons, menus, and "hot keys" and new options to the program.

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