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Latest news

26 Feb 2015

Brilliant Database v11 Release is postponed till April 21, 2015.

The release has been postponed till April 21, we are working on improvements to the app release. Please accept our apology.

14 Jan 2014
Minor update is ready for download.

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With Brilliant Database you can develop any database application without having any special knowledge or skills.

What can I create using Brilliant?

You can create both usual invoicing, inventory, people, projects management databases, CRM, and any specific databases, for example, the cost accounting system for a car.

Database Examples

What features will my database have?

Beside main functions, a database created by you will have additional options such as using mathematic formulas, sending e-mails, storing files and photos, possibility of simultaneous work of several people by the network, simple interface and much more.

Database Features

How to develop my database?

7 visual editors will help you create a full-fledged solution. These are: form editor, query editor, formula, script, timers, data exporting and importing editors.

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Database software are the core of a great many of applications today. The choice of the right database software that will satisfy your specific needs may be anything but easy. If you are looking for a fully customizable, easy-to-deploy database management software, make sure you do not miss "Brilliant Database".

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